World Vegan Day – Some of my Favourite Vegan Dishes and Treats

Until yesterday I had no idea that World Vegan Day was even a thing, although it does not seem to be that crazy to have a day that brings more awareness to this form of nutrition and way of life. Whether you are in it because you do not want to contribute to animal cruelty or for your health, there are plenty of reasons to look further into this lifestyle change and maybe trying it out. The livestock sector, especially breeding cows and pigs, is one of the greatest contributor the ever rising greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Considering the deteriorating climate due to global warming going vegan or at least cutting down on animal produce is definitely something more and more people consider. Honestly it easy to eat meat as a quick source of protein, but it is probably not the best thing to do. Or maybe we just fear a lack of variety when trying omitting eating meat entirely from our diet. That is certainly something I often think about. In the past year I have certainly eaten a lot less meat and keep trying to find ways to make more and more dishes and treats either vegetarian or vegan. Here is a small compilation of some of my favourite vegan dishes and treats, although you can see that in many of my non-vegan and vegetarian recipes I try to give you advice in how to make them fit your dietary restrictions. It is important to stay open-minded whether someone you know is vegan or whether you want to give it a fair shot yourself. So let us take this day to be more aware of these dietary issues and more tolerant towards people who are omitting animal produce from their diets.

Chinese Style Veggie Stir Fry (recipe here)

Garlic Asparagus Rice Bowl (recipe here)

Rice and Cauliflower Spice Bowl (recipe here)

Baked Garbanzo Bean Mixed Salad (recipe here)

Spicy Mushroom Spaghetti (recipe here)

Romesco Sauce (recipe here)

Churro Donuts (recipe here)

Blueberry Pie (recipe here)

Salted Caramel Apple pie

I have never translated and posted this recipe, but let me know if you are interested in having it.

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