Heart-shaped Sweet Rolls for Valentine’s Day

These heart-shaped sweet rolls have to be the Valentine’s Day treat everybody can get behind as everybody loves bread. It is one of Oprah’s favourite things so no-one can dislike it. It is a nice and special treat that takes minimal effort and looks like you really tried hard.

So, these pictures may not do them justice but I tried to make it look good. Styling food is really difficult and I thought silver and pink was a good idea. Trust me when I say that it was delicious.

This is a sweet bun with butter and homemade blueberry jam. I prefer to make the jam smooth and thick, so it doesn’t turn into a huge mess that results in strains you will never get out of your clothes. Homemade jam is such an easy thing to make and takes so few ingredients. With some fruit and sugar you can make a quick jam in very little time. You could also spread some clotted cream and jam on the bun. I cannot purchase clotted cream where I live but you might be able to.

This sweet bun is what I like to call the breakfast of champions with a spread of Nutella, or a Nutella knock-off, topped with banana slices and toasted hazelnuts. Chocolate and hazelnuts for breakfast is quite fancy and special in my book. It could even double as dessert.

Heart-Shaped Breakfast Rolls

500 gr All-purpose flour
1 Packet dry active yeast
75 gr Sugar
50 gr Butter (alternative: vegetable Margarine)
300 ml Milk (alternative: almond milk)
7 gr Salt
a splash of milk (almond milk) to wash the dough before baking
1. Knead all the ingredients into a smooth dough. Keep kneading it for at least 10 minutes. I did that with the bread machine, but feel free to use dough hooks on a hand whisk.
2. Let the dough rest for 10 minutes.
3. Roll the dough out about 1.5 cm thickness and cut out the hearts.
4. Place the shapes on a lined and baking sheet and leave it to proof until it has doubled in size.
5. Preheat the oven to 180 °C top and bottom heating.
6. Wash the proven dough with some milk to give it some shine.
7. Bake until golden brown between 10 and 15 minutes.
8. Leave them to cool down and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Heart-shaped Sweet Rolls for Valentine’s Day

  1. Looks delicious! 💕 💕 💕


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