Greek Yogurt Parfait – Healthy/Naughty Dessert for All Occasions

Greek yogurt parfaits are the perfect spring dessert, they are fresh and light. You can make them with anything from fresh fruit to fruit preserves and granola. They are an easy and delicious way to sooth your sweet tooth. By exchanging the Greek yogurt with a plant-based yogurt you can make it vegan to fit your own dietary restrictions.

This dessert has been my favourite as of late especially with all those berries being in season. The berries are also often on sale, let’s be honest. I just love how simple it is, yet it looks like you put a lot of effort in. If berries were in season around Christmas time I would never bother making another dessert. Obviously using fresh fruit and granola is the healthiest option to make this dessert, but you could make it a little naughtier by layering dessert sauces and fruit preserves with the Greek yogurt and putting a cookie crumble on top. That sounds great, I might have to actually try that. Just keep in mind that when adding granola for a little crunch to not make it ahead of time as it soaks up the moisture from the yogurt and it will get soggy.

Yes, I made all these dessert at the same time to take these photos and ended up having to eat all the soggy granola yogurt parfaits over the course of two days. Sometimes I suffer for this craft. The only thing I hate more than soggy food is food waste. Whenever you use whole fruit only such as raspberries, blueberries and so on you can make it ahead of time and it keeps well. Cut up fruit such as strawberries, kiwi or cantaloupe (whatever you want and have at home) should be made shortly before consumption as they lose a lot of water and it can make it a little soupy. Those are just a few things to keep in mind before making all the Greek yogurt parfaits. Hopefully you will enjoy this “recipe” and have a wonderful weekend.

What do you need?

• Greek Yogurt (any plant-based yogurt to make it vegan or even Skyr for more protein)
• Vanilla extract (optional)
• Sweetener (use any sweetener you like from sugar to honey or agave or an artificial sweetener for fewer calories)
• Fresh fruit (anything you like)
• Fruit preserves
• Dessert sauces (strawberry, chocolate, caramel)
• Granola or cookie crumbles

How to make the Greek yogurt parfait?

1. Sweeten the Greek yogurt with your preferred sweetener and add a little vanilla extract to taste.
2. Wash and cut the fruit as needed making sure they are not dripping in water.
3. Grab some jars, glasses or ramekins and start layering everything to your hearts desire. It is completely up to you to put granola or caramel sauce ate the bottom, just be creative.
4. Enjoy your healthy or naughty Greek yogurt parfait immediately of later keeping in mind the tips from above (remember soggy granola and soupy cut up fruit).

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