Kefir Berry Smoothie and the Health Benefits of Kefir

This kefir berry smoothie will help you start you day right as well as healthy. It is delicious, sweet yet tart, packed with lots of nutrients from the kefir as well as the berries. It is practically a super healthy milkshake. Use a plant-based kefir to make this smoothie dairy-free and vegan.

Kefir is one of those things you have probably either heard about or even seen it at the grocery store with little desire to actually try it once you know what it is. What if you end up not liking it, which is a likely possibility with something as healthy as kefir. Everything about it sounds and tastes healthy. Drinking pure kefir is certainly an acquired taste, the fermented milk drink made from either cows or goats milk is a lot tarter than your plain old yogurt and the slightly carbonated mouthfeel does not help. You might even question why bother trying to make kefir work for you. Kefir has a ton of health benefits especially when made with fresh milk and a kefir fungus, although that is probably impossible for most people. Most people, me included, don’t want to turn their kitchen into a science experiment that could turn into a kitchen appliance version of The Little Shop of Horrors when your fridge starts singing and feeding on people. It’d be a killer show though probably written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, it is not crazier than a show about cats. Let’s take look at the health benefits of kefir hoping that at least some of those are retained in the store-bought kind.

The Health Benefits of Kefir

Kefir contains a lot of micronutrients and probiotic properties which provide plenty of health benefits whilst often being lactose free due to the fermentation process (key word often, still check the packet before purchase if lactose is an issue for you). There are plant-based kefir alternatives but the micronutrients may differ from a milk-based kefir depending on the plant-based milk used in the process. Kefir contains protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphor and the vitamins B12, B2 and D. When made from whole milk it also contains vitamin K2 which improves calcium absorption, which in turn helps preserving bone health as well as preventing osteoporosis. It also has probiotic as well as antibacterial properties which help your digestion and immune system, as well as preventing the growth of harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli. All of these health benefits are worth making kefir work for you.

Kefir Berry Smoothie

The flavour of kefir is certainly a distinct one so drinking it straight is often not an option. Slightly carbonated milk is more likely to be associated with that carton of milk that has been in the fridge too long but looked fine than a delicious and healthy drink to accompany your breakfast. Luckily one can make almost anything work in a smoothie and the slight tartness of the kefir works with almost any kind fruit, especially berries. When mixing frozen berries with kefir you can make a great summer drink that is delicious and good for you body, which you are supposed like a temple and stuff. You could even freeze it in popsicle molds for a healthy summer pick-me up.

Kefir Berry Smoothie

• ½ cup kefir
• ½ cup frozen mixed berries
• Lemon juice
• Water
• Sweetener of choice (honey, agave, …)

1. Blend the kefir and frozen berries until smooth. Water the smoothie down until it has reached the desired consistency.
2. Flavour the smoothie by adding lemon juice and sweetener to taste.

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