Chipotle Chicken Sandwich (vegan alternative available)

This homemade Chipotle chicken sandwich is a great, and much healthier, alternative to its fast food equivalent. Made with grilled chicken on a bed of spinach in a whole-wheat bun and a delicious chipotle mayo, it is filling yet light. Replace the grilled chicken with a vegan burger patty and the mayo/chipotle sauce with a vegan alternative so that you can enjoy this delicious dish on a plant-based diet.

We all crave fast food sometimes, whether it is out of convenience or comfort, and there is nothing wrong with that. Although with a few easy switches you can make a healthier, more guilt-free version at home. It is almost quicker than waiting in line at a fast food restaurant. Best of all it does not taste healthy, if that makes sense. You can make it fresh or use some leftover chicken breast. You can even make it to pack it for lunch, though keep in mind not to assemble the sandwich as long as the chicken breast is warm or you will have a wilted greens sandwich. By replacing the mayo with some yogurt you can make this sandwich even lighter and lower in calories. There are a million ways to make this sandwich fit your needs, so no need feeling guilty about that. Go ahead and satisfy your fast food craving the best way possible – by using this recipe.

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich

• Buns of choice (preferably whole wheat)
• Chicken breast (roughly one filet per sandwich) or vegan burger patty (for example this)
• Salt
• pepper
• 1 part chipotle sauce
• 2 parts mayo or yogurt
• Spinach or lettuce
• Pickles
• Red onion rings

1. Season and grill the chicken breast in a griddle pan or on the barbecue until golden.
2. Mix the chipotle sauce and mayo and season it to taste. You can add more chipotle sauce for a spicier, smokier flavour.
3. Clean the spinach or salad, dry it well. Remove stalks if needed.
4. Assemble the sandwich by spreading the sauce on the two halves of the buns (toasted or untoasted), putting spinach or lettuce on the bottom half and placing the chicken breast (cut into strips or whole) on top. Add pickled (optional) and red onion rings and place the side of the bun on top.

I know there are probably a million ways to make a chicken sandwich, but I have found this to be the best one. It has great flavour and is really filling, so you don’t end up hungry again in half an hour as I have found to be the case with traditional fast food. Obviously you could also make this unhealthy by frying the chicken and serving it with fries, but honestly you don’t have to. This tastes just as good. Do you put pickle on a chicken sandwich? I hope you like this simple recipe and have a great day.

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