Baking and Cooking Advent Calendar/Stocking Stuffers for Every Budget

It is almost that time of year again and these advent calendar/stocking stuffers will bring joy to any hobby baker and chef. They are useful, fun and take advantage of the current baking item sales you can find everywhere. 

After last year’s Christmas Around the World Advent Calendar I had the idea to make a baking advent calendar this year. It is useful for anyone who loves to bake. Baking enthusiasts know that you cannot have too many sprinkles or cookie cutters.  Baking items are also on sale everywhere you turn right now because it is prime baking season. This year as we are all forced to stay at home as much as possible baking is a great pastime, though not necessarily for our waistlines. Luckily that is January’s problem. Here are some things you could fill an advent calendar or Christmas stockings with on any budget. 

Baking Supplies:

  • Cookie cutter
  • Piping nozzles and piping adapter
  • Piping bags
  • Silicone molds
  • Baking stamps
  • Cupcake/muffin silicone moulds and paper liners
  • Sculpture carving pens
  • Spatulas
  • Brushes


  • Various sprinkles, glitter dust, luster dust
  • Frosting/frosting pens
  • Food colouring
  • Cupcake/ Cake toppers
  • Fondant


  • Various spices for baking such as lebkuchen, speculoos or spices for cooking such as cajun or curry spices
  • Extracts or aromas such as lemon, vanilla, peppermint, …
  • Dried Fruit and nuts
  • couverture chocolate
  • Chocolate chips

Here you have a list of things to fill an advent calendar/stockings that will bring joy to any baking enthusiast. These are all things I have picked up as they were on sale along with butter I froze for holiday baking and cooking. If you wanted to spend no money on a DIY advent calendar for someone (or yourself) you could also compile some Christmas recipes from the internet. You could even do that digitally.  A little bonus advent calendar and stocking stuffer during this pandemic might be some reusable face masks, because we are not getting rid of these that quickly. It might be a bit early to get in the Christmas spirit but you have to prepare if you want to make one. I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day. Stay safe and wear a mask! 

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3 thoughts on “Baking and Cooking Advent Calendar/Stocking Stuffers for Every Budget

  1. Loved the strong holiday vibes. Also are those gingerbread men sprinkles? 🙂 Love them!
    p.s. I started a blog recently, I hope you check it out 🙂


    1. Thank you, I figured we could use something festive early this year. The sprinkles are tiny gingerbread men cookies, I’ve been seeing them everywhere this year. I’ll have a look at your blog. Have a great day and stay safe!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh, that’s awesome, I have to get them for Christmas :):). Thanks, stay safe too 🙂


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