Sesame Chili Edamame Bowl

This sesame chili edamame bowl is delicious, easy to make and super healthy. Edamame are packed with fibre and protein helping you stay fuller longer with a beautifully nutty flavour. Sesame, chili and rice goes really well with this Asian legume, but you could also eat it with noodles and some other aromatics. Here I served some teriyaki salmon on the side, which turned out to be too much.

Did you know that cooking different kinds of meals is supposed to make you smarter. Not as smart as regular exercise or reading, but at least something. To be fair I read this on Yahoo, so you might want to take this piece of information with a grain of salt. I still thought it was quite interesting. So by making this dish you would not only provide your body with good nutrition but you would also get smarter. Not only is this dish good for you but it is also very tasty. Edamame are packed with protein (11.9 gr per 100 gr) and fibre (5 gr per 100 gr), whilst being very delicious. They are slightly sweet and a little nutty and go with just about anything. I bought them frozen from Aldi, they were great quality and quite cheap for plant-based protein. With their neutral flavour and quick cooking time you can serve them with just about anything. I served it with some Teriyaki salmon and it was so filling that I ate only about half of it. The leftovers I ate cold as a sort of Buddha bowl the next day. You could even add some seaweed to this dish for some additional iodine. This dish is super tasty and healthy.     

Sesame Chili Edamame Bowl

Yield: 3-4 portions Difficulty: 1/5 Time: 20-30 minutes


  • 300 gr edamame, deshelled
  • 180 gr rice (freshly cooked or leftover)
  • 1 tbl oil (sesame oil, olive oil)
  • 2 tsp sesame seeds
  • chili flakes (to taste)
  • sea salt
  • scallions or spring onions as garnish


  1. Boil the rice according to packet instructions or use any leftover rice. Boil the shelled edamame for five minutes, drain them and rinse them with cold water.
  2. Bring a high-walled sauté pan to medium temperature and add the oil. When the oil is warm add the sesame seeds and chili flakes. Roast them for a minute.
  3. Add the edamame and rice, sautéing until everything is hot and lightly toasted. Season to taste with salt and add some scallions or spring onions. Serve as is or as a side to fish or meat. 

Feel free to add other aromatics such as garlic, onions and herbs. You could even add bacon. 

Well, there you have an easy recipe for an edamame bowl with sesame seeds and chili. If you have never tried edamame before then this is the way to go. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised. Finally I get the edamame hype and I will be stocking up on them on my next shopping trip. This will most likely not be the last you have seen of them here. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have a great day. Stay safe and wear a mask!   

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