Light Summery Meals that aren’t Barbecue

With summer right around the corner so is barbecue season, which is nice. Not all summer meals have to involve the grill. Here are some of my favourite light and delicious summer meals to inspire your meal planning.

Here we have a microwaved sweet potato cut into slices with some roasted spicy cod made in the air-fryer with some lentil salad (here) and sliced cherry tomatoes. Marinate any filet of fish with salt, pepper, chili powder, lime juice and olive oil and place it on aluminium foil in the air-fryer or a baking dish in the oven. Add some cloves of garlic whole as well. Roast the fish at 160 C° for about 18 minutes until golden. Serve with a salad and a side of potatoes, sweet potatoes or garlic rice.

Here we have a delicious and easy butter bean salad. Just replace the lentils in this recipe with a can of drained beans. Makes a great lunch or side salad with any meal.

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower in a tortilla wrap with salad and pico de gallo

Fiesta baked potato with sour cream and corn salsa (recipe here)

Clauliflower Steak with some lentil salad or salsa with some roasted potatoes. For the cauliflower steaks slice a small head of cauliflower into 1 cm thick slices and blanche them in boiling, salted water for 5 minutes. marinate the cailiflower with salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika and olive oil and roast the cauliflower for about 20-25 minutes at 180 °C in the oven or air-fryer. You can flip midway through but the might break.

Greek Gyro Platter with roast potatoes, coleslaw and feta cheese (recipe here). Cailiflo

Calamari Flatbread with some aioli, salad and a drizzle of lemon juice (recipe here)

Well, there you have some of my favourite light and summery meal ideas that aren’t barbecue related. I find that once spring and summer roll around people forget that food that isn’t made on grill exists. I especially mean my loud, barbecue obsessed neighbours. Not everyone wants to smoked out of house and home multiple times a week every week. Enough venting from me. I hope you enjoyed some of these meals and have a great day.

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