Sudado de Pollo – Colombian Chicken Stew

Sudado de Pollo is a delicious Colombian chicken stew usually served over rice, often with avocado and plantains. It is incredibly flavourful, filling and healthy- if you don’t mind the double-carbs from the potatoes and rice. The meat is so tender it falls right off the bone. It is a great recipe to make in your instant if you have one. It also freezes really well, so don’t be afraid to make extra.

Hello again, foodie friends. It’s my birthday, and in true birthday tradition today has been horrible. I fell down the stairs and there was no cake, I’m very disappointed. As I obviously didn’t get round to make myself a cake I decided to share one of my favourite recent food discoveries- sudado de pollo. I have recently jokingly made it my quest to cook one dish or dessert from every country and this one definitely ticks off Colombia deliciously. I took some creative liberties by adding some garbanzo beans to stretch the dish a little, we are falling upon tough times. It is a relatively budget-friendly meal though. Chicken thighs or drumsticks are often on sale and add a ton of flavour. It has lots veggies and flavour. Double-carbing with potatoes and rice might be as foreign to you as it was to me but it is delicious. Budget-friendly, comforting, easy and delicious, gracias Colombia. Buen provecho!

Photographed this in a hurry, sorry. I will definitely try that again.

Well there you have a delicious recipe for sudado de pollo, which I highly recommend you try yourselves. In my family we fondly talk about this dish all the time while looking for some reduced price chicken. I am really happy we tried this and it definitely will be part of my regular rotation. Obviously this is Latin American food, but it is not spicy. It has a little spice for flavour but it’s not in your face hot. Anyway, this was another underwhelming birthday for me but I hope you enjoyed this recipe. And the new log-on do you like it? Have a great day!


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