Delicious Cuban Black Beans

Cuban black beans are a delicious side dish. It makes a satisfying vegan meal served with some rice, fried plantains and some fresh avocado or can be served with a side of grilled meat. You can add them to burritos, burrito bowls or enjoy them with tortilla chips. They are a little acidic and a little sweet, you may never have tasted anything like it.

Hello foodie friends, a little late yet again. I will shamefully admit that I am still editing photos from last year and have barely gotten around to any of my recent experiments yet. Typing everything up also takes me some time, you have no idea how many delicious recipes I have been sitting on and the holidays are right around the corner. Hopefully I’ll get to my pumpkin pie bars and pumpkin streusel muffins before Thanksgiving and there are Christmas cookies to bake. Anyway, this has been one of my recent favourites, which is unfortunate because black beans are not easy to come by in Germany especially in dried form.

Cuban Black Beans

These black beans are savoury and sweet, making them the perfect side dish. Rice and beans are a great, budget-friendly combination, which with the current inflation we probably all need right. Beans are also source protein and fibre, healthy as well as delicious.

Fried Plantains

I made these in the air fryer and they look alright, but they were quite dry. I would recommend slicing them and frying them in pan with a little oil before sprinkling them with sea salt. They are much better. There is a reason latinos fry it. Make sure to use plantains not bananas.

Well, there you have a delicious recipe for Cuban black beans. I highly recommend you try this, you will not regret it. If you struggle to find dried black beans and plantains like me, depending where you are you will have more access to “ethnic” foods in the “ethnic” food aisle, you may want to check out your local Asian market, Turkish market or Eastern European market. They usually have more varieties of legumes, at least here they do and our Asian market is not well sorted. They don’t even have gochujang, kimchi or different varieties of soy sauce. I found the beans at Lidl when they were having sort of a Latin American promotion week, which has not returned since. Plantains I found at the Asian market. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Have a great weekend and stay spicy!

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5 thoughts on “Delicious Cuban Black Beans

  1. Love the plantain sweet
    Advocodo my favourite


    1. Agreed. I hardly buy avocado and plantains because they come from so far away (and plantains are hard to find) but I love them. Have a great day!


    1. These air fried plantains which came out somewhat dry. I would recommend frying them in a little oil because they taste much better.

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