DIY Advent Calendar – Christmas Around the World

This printable advent calendar is a great way to get to know how other cultures spend Christmas. It has never been this cheap (free) to learn something new, other than reading various Wikipedia pages but this time I have already done it for you. Maybe you learn about a tradition you would like to try out yourself.

Photos and graphics updated on November 27, 2022

I hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving and Black Friday had great holidays and the rest of you aren’t too overwhelmed by the Christmas marathon that has officially started. People are Christmas shopping and getting stocking stuffers for St. Nicholas Day or things to put in their advent calendars, even grocery stores are absolute madness. Never have I seen one person buy that much marzipan in my life. The first of December sure snuck up on me and I only finished my advent calendar this morning but I am so proud how it turned out. To be fair it was two years in the making when I made the little bags, which I filled with useful things and knick knacks that I found on sale. Yesterday I finally found the sleigh I wanted, which is definitely the star of the show although I spent a lot of time researching and designing the little papers attached.

Every roll of paper has a different holiday tradition or custom from various countries all over the world written on them. Some are funny or just interesting and I hope you like it. You can just print and cut it out, tie it together and put a number on it. Attach it to little presents, add them to whatever reusable advent calendar you already use or put them in a jar. It is just a little something to get you into the holiday spirit or help you out in case you forgot to sort yours out. Last year my advent calendar was filled halfway with cookie cutters and the rest was kitchen roll. But this year I fulfilled plan to make a Christmas Around the World Advent Calendar Christmas and I really hope you like it.

Download the Christmas Around the World Advent Calendar here

I hope you enjoy this DIY advent calendar as much as I do. I swear it is not going to be Christmas content all the time now because it can be a bit much this time of year. If you are interested in this topic this is a great website to browse. I wish you a wonderful first day of advent and have a great day!

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