Culture and Customs

These posts are meant to provide a little insight into various cultures and customs from all over the world. The cuisine is not neccessarily the main focus although it may certainly come into play.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day – Sinterclaas Traditions in the Netherlands

A Guide to All Things Oktoberfest – the History, Culture and Food

Thai-Style Red Curry and an Introduction into Thai Cuisine


German Christmas Treats – Happy St. Nicholas Day

Three King’s Day – Spanish Christmas Traditions and Treats


One can have many reasons to do something yourself, whether it is for fun or just to not spend as much much money. Here are a few of my dabbles in the DIY world – some might be more useful than others.

DIY Advent Calendar – Christmas Around the World

From Pumpkin to Speculoos Spice – DIY Autumn and Winter Spice Mixes

DIY Hogwarts House Sorter – Step by step instructions and a fun guessing game

DIY Bauble Arrangements – How to Elevate your Christmas Tree Decorations Easily


Food is fuel therefore one cannot avoid talking about nutrition when sharing recipes. This is in no way intended to be medical advice but rather broad information that has to do with the nutritional facts of certain foods and links to further reading material on the subject.

Avocado Lentil Salad – How to Eat more Iron in your Diet

The Best Vegan Burger – Fake Meat vs Homemade Burger Patty

Best/Worst Rankings

Lists recapping a certain subject mostly related to food.

Top 15 Recipes to Get Through the Stressful Holiday Season

World Vegan Day 2019 – Top Ten Best Vegan Recipes 2019

World Vegan Day – Some of my Favourite Vegan Dishes and Treats


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